A new product design and a new StudioMay. 13th

Well, it came out gorgeous if I may say so myself. In my earlier Redirection post, I contemplated lazy susan vs. tabletop, and tabletop won! Look at the details and colors. And the one-of-a-kind carved post is amazing. I found it years ago in an antiques market and have held onto it waiting for just the right project.

Colorful hand etched tabletop

Hand etched and painted colorful tabletop and base

And another wonderful thing about this table is that it’s so unique and colorful and whimsical and refreshing…that it sold before I even finished it. I’m going to spend the next few weeks tyring to come up with some other pieces as spectacular as this.

Hand painted lazy susan transformed into table top

Hand painted lazy susan transformed into table top

What this all means however, is that I’m not working on keywords for my artiscancraftshop.com Google searches, or coming up with special promotions to blast in my e-newsletters, or creating daily chirpy postings on my facebook page. Or doing any of the necessary business-building exercises that an entrepreneurial business person is supposed to do on a continual basis. Oh, and did I mention that last week I rented studio/retail space for the first time EVER and am now setting up shop??? I guess I need to post before and after photos of the space but I just haven’t had the chance to take the photos yet…

Livening up homes with Tangerine TangoMar. 23rd

Has everyone heard that the hot color for 2012 is Tangerine Tango (Pantone 17-1463)? It’s been called “bright and encouraging.” So I thought I’d use some shades similar and complementary to Tangerine Tango for this custom tabletop lazy susan:

Hand painted lazy susan using Tangerine Tango shades

Bright and cheery with shades of Tangerine Tango

It’s definitely bright, and the customer loves it! I’ll be planning more Storysquares® by Demdaco designs with this fabulous color during 2012. In the meantime, I’ll be decorating more tabletops with hand painted lazy susans this Spring using a heavy dose of tangerine tango!

RedirectionMar. 7th

In a moment of “too much to do at one time” I decided to hold off on the workshop for another month or two. A creative moment took hold and I had to run with it. I was inspired by the warm weather the other day and my thoughts turned to Spring…which led me to birds…yellow…pink…flowers…trees. So I dropped everything (except working on my search engine keywords) and started working on this:

Hand painted and woodburned lazy susan

In the works: wood burned and painted lazy susan..or is it a tabletop?

Woodburned and hand paint lazy susan

Close up of detail

It’s a big piece — 24-inches vs. my usual 18-inches — and I’m wood burning so much detail that it’s taking FOREVER!! But I think it’s going to turn out beautiful. All the heavy duty Razertip wood burning pens are getting quite a workout. Question is: when it’s done, should I make it into a large lazy susan or a small tabletop? Ah, I love the Spring. I get so creative. Can’t wait to see how this turns out.